My two careers nuture two sides of me. I always wanted to own a beauty culture business. Beauty is very important to me. I was focused and qualified young, as a herbal medicine and acupuncture doctor. It is very much part of who I am. I have practiced herbal medicine and acupuncture techniques for many many years and as time passed by I realised the time was right to develop the beauty side of my business. My beauty products and my herbal products go hand in hand to compliment each other. With this in mind I formed the hbherbal cream company offering beauty creams and body creams to the UK and Worldwide customer. Alternative recipes for medicine and beauty are more in demand than ever before. Our strength lies in offering best quality products.

We work towards satisfying our clients.

 Dr. Monica Wang

Potent and effective skin and body care

Based on a traditional recipe, passed down by the wang family. This product uses 100% natural ingredients based on herbs from both the east and west, flowers, natural oils and distilled water. Our product acts as both a tonic for the skin and as a cosmetic, the complexion is improved and the skin’s vitality is restored. Its active ingredients care naturally for your body. It provides optimum nutrients for the skin, the largest organ of the body. Hbherbal cream company provides beauty and skin creams both in the UK and Worldwide. Our products are of the highest quality and entirely natural. Our clients satisfaction is our guiding principle.